Affiliate Program

Kajot-Casino has established itself in the landscape of online casinos, and our partner have discovered our potential for success and have enjoyed it. Kajot-Casino, established in 2011, commenced operations with only 12 slots in 2012. Currently, we entertain our players with more than 40 original slots by Kajot-Casino which are famous for their classical content and their extraordinary design.
Ring of Fire XL, Joker 27 and all other original slots by Kajot-Casino can only be played for a fee at Kajot-Casino exclusively.

We at Kajot-Casino are very ambitious and plan to take over other gaming networks and sports betting.

More Casino games will follow soon - produced with the renowned high quality of Kajot-Casino, of course.

Kajot will soon be migrating to a brand new platform offering a premium website! Get on board now!